Cute Alien Gifts

Gifts for the mobile gamer in your family! Featuring Pink Blobby and other cute aliens, all of the merchandise in this store is based on characters from the popular series of alien mobile games produced by Canadian designer Rufus Lin.



Hard Enamel Badges

Does Blobby put a smile on your face? Wear a Blobby pin, and put a smile on other people's faces too! Whether you choose to pin Blobby on your jeans jacket or your handbag, or on your wall of enamel pins, these are the hard enamel pins you must have in your collection. Express your silly, endearing, eccentric or whimsical nature. Pin collectors will be thrilled by the different variations and colors. Sometimes designs are discontinued, so whether it's Chef Blobby or Soccer Blobby, get the pin you like while you can!


Designer Soy Wax Candles

Scented candles featuring Pink Blobby and her fellow aliens. Available in rose and lavender. The rose fragrance includes real rosebuds, as a special touch. With soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, these candles give off a calming fragrance, as if you were at the spa. Afterward, the cute tin containers with their lids can be reused for jewellery and other small items. For those who love candles, fragrances and cute things, no gift could be more perfect!


Real Leather Ladies' Long Wallets

Luxurious, soft leather wallets, with Blobby embossed on the outside. As a designer item, it looks most elegant and stylish, while providing lots of practical functionality. The presence of Blobby on such a luxurious long leather wallet will earn you a lot of interested questions, sparking fresh conversations and perhaps promising encounters. An ideal gift for a woman of any age who enjoys her luxury goods with a touch of whimsy.


The Story So Far

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